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Reputable Japanese Natural Stones (JNATS) & Nagura Sellers

*Are you new to buying Japanese Natural Stones and unsure what to look for when purchasing? Check out this page first*
*If you have someone to add to the list who you have experience with and should be here, please Contact Me*

About the List

*This list is in no particular order outside of Togiten being placed at the top due to him being the origin source of a certain type of product the others sell. Otherwise, the listing order is alphabetical and should not be taken as endorsement of one vendor over another*

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the only people selling good Japanese Natural Stone. I am sure there are many vendors out there I’m unfamiliar with selling stone which works great. These are simply the locations I’ve gotten enough testimonials for or have enough personal experience with to feel confident they offer a good product.


Togiten (Sakamoto Morio / Sakamoto Kouji) –

  • This is the Yahoo Auction user for Sakamoto Morio and Sakamoto Kouji themselves, the direct source and evaluator for the Mikawa Asano Nagura. Though the Buyee site can be a little strange for first time users, this should be the first place to shop for Mikawa Nagura. Prices tend to be better and you are getting your nagura directly from the source. If the store doesn’t have what you are looking for, it can be beneficial to keep checking back as he puts up new nagura frequently.

Aframes Tokyo (Takeshi Aoki) –

Bernal Cutlery (Josh Donald) –

Carbon Knife Co. (Craig Field) –

Damian Kordic –

Ikkyu Japan Avenue (Yasuko Okumura) –

Japan-Tool (So Yamshita) –

JapanStone (Alex Gilmore) –

JNS (Maksim Enevoldsen) –

Kabuki Knives (Shinji Onodera) –

La Casa de Toishi (Jonathan Gwee) –

Namikawa (Takehiko Namikawa) –

StrataPortland –

Tennen Toishi (Edward Thompson) –

Toishigram (Otto Gebhard) –

TomoNagura (Keith Johnson) –

Totoriya (Youzou Tsuchihashi / Hideaki Tsuchihashi) –

Watanabe (Shinichi Watanabe) –

Whetstone Shop (Satoshi Kanomata) –

ZenRazorJapan (Florin Pincotan) –

If you do not see a vendor on here, please feel free to contact me to submit a testimonial or ask if I have any notes. Thanks!